Soul Food

This is an excellent reminder that we should not neglect the gathering of the Saints on the Lord’s Day, for as we do so we deprive ourselves of the spiritual nourishment that is freely offered. Granted, I may be a bit partial, but nonetheless, great practical thoughts on Isaiah 55:1-3 from Pastor Mike Brown.

Eating with Our Ears: Thoughts on Isaiah 55.1-3

 Most anyone who has worked in the culinary world or watches popular competitive cooking programs such as Iron Chef America or Chopped has undoubtedly heard the expression “you eat with your eyes first.” In preparing a plate of fine food, visual presentation is important, at least in the restaurant world. A skilled chef should not only be able to transform his ingredients into a meal that tastes good, but one that looks good too, for we tend to eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths.

The Bible, however, speaks of an eating with a different organ, the ear. God tells us that to hear his Word is to eat for the soul. Consider the opening verses of Isaiah 55 when God renewed his covenant of grace with Israel by inviting them to a meal…

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