Edition of the Acts of Synod of Dordt 1618/19 under the banner of Refo500

Nederlands: De Dordtse synode (1618). Gravure ...

Refo500-partner Johannes a Lasco Library in Emden has inititiated the critical edition of of the Acts of the Synod of Dordrecht. This influential Synod, held in 1618/19, in the presence of representatives from various Reformed churches and universities throughout Europe, was of fundamental importance for the further development of the Reformed tradition. Religious education, spiritual discipline, and church governance are some of the themes emphasized by the synod in addition to an intense debate over the doctrine of election.

It is remarkable that so far the acts of this synod had not been available in a critical edition. Therefore the initiative of the Johannes a Lasco Library is of special significance for the academic community as well as for the church. The publication will be produced under the banner of Refo500 in cooperation with other Refo500 partners in the Netherlands and Switzerland, most notably with Theological University Apeldoorn, the Remonstrants, the city of Dordrecht, the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and the Swiss Institute for Reformation History at the University of Zürich. The Dutch Huygens ING (Institute for Dutch History) will also be partnering in this project, as well as various editors and academics from Europe and North America.

The rest here…

I find this exciting, though it might just be the nerd in me coming out. But to those Christians, like me, who hold to the Three Forms of Unity as our confessional documents, this is important. Thanks to the guys over at Meet The Puritans for syndicating this information a bit.

Find me over at here now.


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