While Kingdoms Are Pursued, It’s Only The Size Of The Realm That Differs

 …a common construction of regeneration among those who stress the antithesis is to attribute to the supernatural work of the Spirit the intellectual genius of believers. This interpretation is strongest among the neo-Calvinists who are philosophically inclined. Because they can unearth the epistemological roots of an idea or argument, and because they operate in what at times seems like a Manichean universe divided between the knowers (of Christ) and the ignorant, these neo-Calvinist philosophers believe they hold the keys to discerning the work of the Spirit. Regeneration removes the noetic effects of the fall and now allows Christians to interpret reality correctly, and even see the philosophical basis for all things. (via D.G. Hart at Old Life)

The thing that struck me was that, although he was directing his angst at Neo-Calvinism, how reminiscent it was of an enfeebled, gnostic, Evangelicalism. They both reek of triumphalism and the implicit urge to flatten out the cultural distinctive of a secular domain; albeit in different locales, but the ultimate result is a Christian ghetto, one’s simply more modest than the other. And that’s where the affinity resides, the imperative to baptize vocation and culture with the trappings of a worldview that makes reality just a bit more vibrant, a bit more “real”. Common grace is obliterated by the antithesis; the endeavours of fallen man just shadows on the wall of creation. Regeneration doesn’t just overcome the noetic effect of sin, it positively infuses the elect with a preternatural understanding of philosophy, science, art, literature; the Christian becomes the Uberman, leaving the natural man in his corrupt conception of the real.

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