Thomas Watson On The Lord’s Supper

Christ’s body and blood in the sacrament are a most sovereign elixir or comfort to a distressed soul. Having poured out his blood, God’s justice is fully satisfied. There is in the death of Christ enough to answer all doubts. What if sin is the poison, the flesh of Christ is an antidote against it!  What if sin be red as scarlet, is not Christ’s blood of a deeper colour, and can wash away sin? If Satan strikes us with his darts of temptation, here is a precious balm out of Christ’s wound to heal us. Isa 53:5. What though we feed upon the  bread of affliction, so long as in the sacrament we feed upon the bread of life? Christ received aright sacramentally, is a universal medicine for healing, and a universal cordial for cheering our distressed souls.
(Thomas Watson  The Ten Commandments)

One thought on “Thomas Watson On The Lord’s Supper”

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