Thomas Watson on the Frequency Of The Lord’s Supper

The ordinance is not to be celebrated once a year, or only once in our lives, but often. A Christian’s own necessities may make him come often hither. His corruptions are strong, therefore he had need come often hither for an antidote to expel the poison of sin. His graces are weak. Grace is like a lamp, which if it not be often fed with oil is apt to go out. Rev 3:2. How then do they sin against God who come but very seldom to this ordinance! Can they thrive who for a long time forebear their food? Others there are who wholly forebear, which is a great contempt offered Christ’s ordinance. They tacitly say, Let Christ keep his feast to himself. What a cross-grained piece is a man! He will eat when he should not, and he will not eat when he should. When God says, “Eat not of this forbidden fruit;” then he will be sure to eat: when God says, “Eat of this bread, and drink of this cup;” then he refuses to eat.(Thomas Watson, The Ten Commandments)


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