Dionysus For President

We live in a socio/cultural context that is questioning if not rejecting the entire notion of Natural Law. The issue of same sex marriage brings this to the fore most emphatically. And I know that the position that I advocate is somewhat atypical, but one which I feel is somewhat justified given the rapidly changing public perception of Natural Law that we have always assumed (and rightly so) as something of a constant social subtext. A lot of it has to do with authority and autonomy. Increasingly Love/Desire  and Morality are being conflated, with moral constants giving way to hedonistic assertions; I want becomes a  justified statement of entitlement by the very act of wanting. What we can have is no longer constrained by morality, but morality is redefined by impulse. By extension, it becomes immoral or bigoted to restrict the acquisition of someones desires; Darwin is supplanted by Dionysus, might equals right is transformed into desire equals entitlement.
Modern man has become uncomfortable with those who tell us what it is we cannot have, instead, we look for leaders who  reaffirm our instinct that what we want is okay, it’s only natural.  Subsequently, Natural Law is losing its obviousness, quickly becoming something that is seen to be at odds with our rights. But the fact that even the rights we possess are endowed is not understood, that when we are deprived of them we call upon the State to restore them, not grant them; we invoke the State to fulfill its purpose as ordained and instituted by God. In that sense the State has a divine mandate to pursue and uphold justice, whether it is conscience of it or not.
We do well to ground our political and civil activities upon Natural Law, we must, though, be aware that even that is being repressed in the secular as this present evil age acquires better means by which to suppress the truth and deify the creature.

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